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Are you still sick of a slow download speed you are experiencing right now? Worry not! You are on the right page! Today, we will tell you on how to fasten up your download speed 4 to 5 times without spending a single penny in your pocket! Amazing isn’t it? Just continue reading and you will find out how! If you are a fan of downloading movies, music videos, mp3s, and mp4, you should already know how boring it is to wait for it to finish. Not to mention if your download process are disconnected in the middle of it by any interference such as system error, connectivity problems, and power shortage. It is okay if you are just downloading a SINGLE file but what if you are already downloading a BULK of files? It’s annoying isn’t it? For those who do not know, there is already a download manager software available. Internet download manager is a software that lets you download your files faster to up to 4 to 5 times the normal download. Here we examine one of the most reputed and fasted available on the market, Internet Download Manager 5.18.

Internet Download Manager 5.18 is quite compact. It has a 2.68MB size and it take a seconds to download it. The installation process is also simple. Download IDM is the best way to speed up the download process. It has also a toolbar function at the top of the screen. The information window below, like the Windows Explorer ( not the Internet Explorer ) contains the list of files downloaded finished or unfinished. The best about this internet download manager 5.18 is that the latest addition to the version is the FLV video grabber. How great is that! This function automatically detects whether there is a video or mp3 embedded on the web page. Because of this feature you can just download any videos and mp3s easily.

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Now, you can save your time downloading files and makes it an easier task for you. You can also pause and resume your download later. Internet download manager is a must for you! Overall, Internet Download Manager 5.18 is an absolutely amazing product. Happy surfing!

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